BASK Digital's Election Cycle


A BASK Year for the Books

2014 was BASK’s biggest and most successful election year yet. Through intense collaboration of our clients, partners, and vendors, we’re proud to have helped 33 campaigns in 29 states reach millions of voters. Here’s a look back at this election cycle as we look forward to even more campaign conquests next year!

From New York to LA, It’s a Party in the USA

The election cycle began like many had before, as opposition campaigns organized across the country and had high hopes for victory.

Meanwhile, BASK was busy shaking things up by bringing our unique West Coast perspective and digital experience to campaign strategy at every level.

Together, we teamed up with dozens of groups to begin developing digital tools, interactive plans, and online advertising strategy for some of the largest campaigns in the country.

Bask Map


33 Campaigns

29 States

Eating Impressions, Clicks and Conversions for Breakfast

Each morning began with caffeine, some fresh snacks from Seaside Market, and a reminder of our team mantra: “Message, Reach, Frequency.” For us, it was all about reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

With that goal in mind, we focused on leveraging every piece of data we could find. However, data works best in politics when you get small and specific with it, so BASK used some of the newest micro-targeting techniques to achieve the best results.

By targeting voters across 29 states using voter history, voter interests, online history, social trends, IP address, behavioral interests, music interests, and predictive modeling, we experienced unprecedented reach and specificity. Voters saw our campaign messages across every device again and again and again…sometimes before we even finished our morning coffee.


757 Million Impressions

27.8 Million Searches for Candidates
and Issues

56 Million Video Views

Blending Powerful Messages with Powerful Design

“Message” is a key part of the BASK mantra, but we also understand the power of pictures. While other campaigns were spending tons of time on wordy ads that fell flat, our in-house graphic design team was busy building over 150 sets of mobile-friendly digital ads that blended the right message with eye-catching design. From banners to video ads to other high-impact media, BASK made sure our campaigns stuck out in the crowd and stuck in voters’ minds.

In 2014…

  • 26 Websites Created 60%
  • 1.5 Million Website Visitors 90%

Taking a Break from the Sun to Dive into the Development Den

While we love basking in the sun (no pun intended), our development team spends plenty of time in their “cave” cranking out innovative and imaginative websites that served as the hub for our campaigns.

Each site was a new opportunity to reach our audience, while delivering a memorable message and experience that would drive them to vote.

Bringing Mobile into the Mix

At BASK, development never stops at the desktop. With smartphones and tablets becoming more popular by the second, our team knew mobile experiences were a missed opportunity for many political groups and campaigns. That’s why we made every ad, website, and email mobile friendly and focused on giving voters the best experience no matter the device. After seeing the device usage stats, we were sure glad we did. Almost half of users across all websites developed by BASK during the election cycle used a tablet or smartphone.

Keeping the Conversation Going

Mobile wasn’t the only place BASK got creative on the campaign trail. We used social media and email to reach voters and boost engagement like never before. Our team started early and built sizable social communities, and then drove the message home each and every day. Using engaging content, daily posts, and a little humor, we helped our clients interact with millions of voters and drive them to the polls on Election Day.

Numbers from
our top three campaigns


Facebook Likes, Comments & Shares


Emails Delivered


Twitter Followers & Retweets

Seeing the Proof in the Pudding

All that time, energy, and brainstorming didn’t just get us a gold star from our clients. It led to national recognition, unheard-of digital reach, and big wins across the country.

“There are a few wins during this election cycle that the GOP will relish as much as businessman Bruce Rauner’s defeat of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn. The victory in President Obama’s backyard, a deep blue state where the president began his political career, held huge symbolic value for Republicans.”

Bask 2014

BASK ran a multi-faceted digital advertising strategy for No on 92 in Oregon. The campaign was victorious and the measure was defeated. “Oregon voters on Tuesday rejected the labeling of genetically modified foods following the most expensive ballot measure campaign in state history.”

Bask 2014

Google Politics


Most search #Midterms2014 candidates in last 24 hrs @joniernst @BruceRauner @Team_Mitch & @CharlieCrist

Top 4 Most Searched Candidates in the United States

Google #1 Search
Joni Ernst
Google #2 Search
Bruce Rauner

Bruce Rauner and Bask Digital
Google #3 Search
Mitch McConnell
Google #4 Search
Charlie Crist

Top Videos on YouTube 2013-2014 Election Cycle

#4 Chuck Norris’ “Top 10 Reasons to Register to Vote”


#5 “Father and Son”


All of Those Crazy High Results from a Low-Key, Creative Team in California

We may not have an office on Capitol Hill, but we’re ok with that. In fact, being outside of the beltway gives us a unique perspective and creative spark like no other. (The Lunch breaks on the beach and endless sunshine don’t hurt either.)

Here’s what it took to make Election Cycle ’13-’14 a year for the history books.

Bask 2014


minutes worked

(30,000 hours)

Bask 2014


basecamp posts

Bask 2014


Cups of cofee

Bask 2014


Iggy office Visits

Bask 2014


trips to seaside market

Bask 2014


Most miles traveled

bask digital director

3.6 times around the earth

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